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EA Home Design

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Best Basement Renovation Ideas Virginia

For most homes, the basement is probably the idlest space around. While some homeowners have converted this space into a useful component of the home set up, others are yet to understand the need for basements in their homes. If you had no clue, it will please you knowing that you can achieve so much with the basement space. All you need is a sense of creativity alongside irresistible tips. For someone looking forward to converting his basement into a more useful space, what options do you have?

Basement Renovation

Basement Renovation

Private Gym

It turns out to be one of the most popular ideas when it comes to basement remodeling. The expansive open space and location of the basement make it an ideal choice for home gym and spa. You can have all the luxury you need by setting up a modern spa within the basement. With a flexible budget and the services of ideal professionals like EA Home design experts, you can be sure to have a fully developed sauna, massage area, and unique shower point right inside your home.

You don’t need a big basement to transform it into a home gym. If you are lucky to have an expansive space, you can take advantage of stock it with advanced workout machines. For the smaller basement, a modest gym and mini-spa would do.

Home Bar

Do you consider the existing bar space too small? You don’t have to cry about it. You can turn the lazy basement into a glamorous bar. You can take this further and opt for mini-pub instead. This way, you can call your friends over and enjoy a great drinking experience even as you watch you watch a favorite game. For a greater feeling, you will have to work on your decor with ambient lighting and revitalized seating.

Game Room

Yet another appealing basement renovation idea is that of turning it into a home game room. In 2017, a sports room is a common feature of modern homes. You can take advantage of the silence associated with this space to set up a busy sports house buzzing with activities. Bring in multiple television sets and high-definition sound system to match. Such a room will definitely blend well with additional features such as bar area. Even more, consider of having a kitchenette within where you can prepare light meals even as you enjoy your favorite games.

Music Auditorium

Are you so much into music? Well, you can have a music theatre right inside your home! Stop to think what an entire basement music room would do to you. You will have somewhere you can spend several hours listening to cool music even as you sharpen your music playing skills. Depending on your preference, you can turn it into a simple soundproof room for playing piano and practicing guitar. You can also set it up into a mini-auditorium with enough space for friends and family. Adequate planning and a flexible budget is necessary for this to materialize. Never forget to have an award winning team working on the project!

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