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EA Home Design

EA Home Design

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Planning Guide: Home Additions

Unlike what some homeowners might be tempted to think, home addition goes far beyond adding an extra room to your house. You aren’t going to wake up one day and order for additional family room. The best home addition projects are the ones that are ideally planned for. To add square footage to your home the easier way, you need professional tips. At EA Home Design, our experts are always handy with essential guidelines to take you through the entire process. What do you need to know?

Home Additions

Home Additions

Consider your Options

Before embarking on the actual process of home addition, you need to figure out if it is the right step for you. Is home addition the only option you have? Can basement renovation or simple extension save the day? Can you give remodeling a try? Unless you are utterly convinced that home addition is the ultimate solution to your rising needs, you can keep the window wide open for alternatives. The least you can do is to ask yourself a set of questions and confirm with professionals if your undertaking is the best idea.

The Planning Craze

As observed earlier, planning is critical for any home addition project. When it comes to such project, you need to have a concise idea of how the ultimate addition should look. Do you need a bumping out addition? Is a build out or build up perfect for you? What do you think about blending the addition with the existing home design? For those who need a quick home addition without having a precise idea of what’s ideal for them, consulting with your designers is a necessary procedure. From the existing models, you can choose what is best for you or opt for a customized design.

Choosing the right Materials

A successful home addition should blend well with the existing structure and design of your home. The choice of building material plays a critical role in determining this. Which finishes do you consider for your addition? You need handy tips from experts if you are to make the most out of material choices. From roofing, flooring, window to utilities, the choice of material plays a significant role in the subsequent outlook.

Finding the Right Professional

Only experienced home addition experts will bring the most out of your project. Landing on the right team isn’t something that happens by chance. You need to research and plan for it. When hiring out designers and contractors, you need to consider essential aspects like experience and licensing issues. If you can get referrals from colleagues of close friends, embrace such opportunities. Most importantly, you need to have a checklist if you are to settle on the right experts.

Unto Execution

With proper planning and ideal choice of contractors, the actual home addition process will be easier and more enjoyable. You must decide whether you will be available to monitor the process or choose someone close to you to oversee the entire procedure. This way, you can be certain of getting real value for your home addition dollar!

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