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4 Erroneous Kitchen Remodeling Ideas to Avoid

Your kitchen is the hub of several activities. From cooking, eating to family gatherings, there is more that happens in the modern kitchen than what it used to be. For the contemporary homeowners, keeping your kitchen updated and revitalized and updated is not an option; it is a necessity. In the process of improving their kitchen spaces or giving them a different look, many people end making gross mistakes; some, which are very costly. From our experience with multiple customers over the years, we understand too well these erroneous moves. By keeping an eye on the following mistakes, you wouldn’t have to worry about repeating them.

4 Erroneous Kitchen Remodeling Ideas to Avoid

Overriding the essence of proper ventilation
A good kitchen is one that is well aerated. From the smell of food to that of used water, the need for proper aeration in the kitchen is imminent. With all these activities taking place in the kitchen, there is no greater mistake you can make than allowing poor ventilation. Experienced designers like EA Home Design will always insist on establishing proper ventilation for your kitchen. As such, you don’t have to worry about this oversight when you engage. We understand the essence of efficient aeration. As such, our experts will develop all strategies to ensure your kitchen has proper air circulation.
Considering DIY
There are homeowners who believe they can always handle anything, however, complicated it seem. It is good to be ambitious, but certain things are best reserved for professionals. When undertaking a major kitchen-remodeling project like changing the flooring or even redoing the cabinets, you need to engage experts instead of trying to do everything on your own. At EA Home Design, we will not only ensure perfect delivery of such services but also help you draw a workable plan that will ease the actual remodeling process. The success of a major kitchen remodeling project relies on the professionalism, expertise, and experience of the crew involved. With Home Design team, you can be sure to expect nothing short of the best.
Disorganizing the kitchen triangle
As many homeowners, especially mothers, would admit, most of the kitchen activities take place between the sink, stove and the refrigerator. At times, people simply refer to the three as the kitchen triangle. For ease of operation between them, there must be careful planning. For the best results, one needs to ensure the sink is accessible. Similarly, other areas like the refrigerator and stove should not be cramped in one place. With the help of fully qualified and licensed kitchen designers from Home Design, you will have this problem sorted.
Ignoring Proper Lighting
The need for ample lighting should not to be overemphasized. A well-lit kitchen is easy to operate in and offers an elegant view of the cooking space. For many homeowners, simply having one overhead kitchen light is enough. That is where they go wrong. Advisably, proper lighting should be installed over the working areas to ease operations. Even more, you should consider under-cabinet lightings for necessary illumination of such parts.

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